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Last Minute Cruises from Philadelphia

Cruise lines sometimes offer last minute cruise deals if cabins on a ship have not filled. They would rather sell a stateroom at a cheap price than let it go empty.

Not every cruise has these bargains. In fact they are increasingly rare. A few cruise lines (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity) have said they are discontinuing the practice.

How to find a last minute cruise deal

Last minute cruises bargains are found in 3 ways: on the cruise line's own site, at a large online travel agency, or at a local travel agency

Cruise lines promote them in email newsletters (so be sure to subscribe). They may also offer the deal only to people who live close to the departure cruise port.

Travel agencies (either online or regular) can sometimes buy large blocks of unsold cabins at a bargain wholesale price. They pass the deals on to their customers. That is why it pays to use a travel agency (their expert services cost you nothing).

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